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version 2012/05/10 PRELIMINARY (several features are broken)
Development version

What is the YASEP ?

    The acronym "YASEP" means "Yet Another Small Embedded Processor". It's an original, Free, configurable (16-bit or 32-bit) microcontroller core, meant to be small and as simple as possible (well, that's the original idea). By choosing sometimes unusual methods, it is possible to concentrate on the real issues of CPU development (mainly : architectural choices and implementation details).
    The YASEP exists in the form of this website, which is not just source code, a simulator, an assembler, a disassembler, a manual, a development tool, it is all that and it will be much more ! Every part is integrated in the others (and vice versa), so the whole remains (almost) coherent, easy to use and quick to develop, fix and maintain.

Happy clicking !

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The YASEP's features and characteristics


This site

The following open directories contain search-engine-friendly data ;-)


The YASEP on the web



The YASEP is not ready. Not all features are defined, most are only preliminary. The source code is incomplete.



You can download the whole YASEP website (source code, pages, documentation, tools, etc.) as a single .tgz archive. You can test the YASEP at home, and play with the source code at will.
Note : if you want to use certain features (like file save/load), you need a web server with PHP on your computer. Install Apache under GNU/Linux, or EasyPHP under MS Windows.


Browser requirements

The only requirement is the use of Firefox (or any other Gecko-based browser) because this all-in-one project heavily relies on Mozilla's JavaScript engine.

Supported web browsers

This site is developed on a basic laptop with Firefox (currently 12, but 3.5 should work), plus some Opera tests from time to time.

It is known to work with other browsers like Seamonkey, Omniweb, Shiira, Safari, Konqueror, Opera and Chrome. With a flaw or two.

It is known to not work with Internet Explorer (you could send me a patch but actively supporting IE would be counter-productive). Camino seems to not like it either.

The site uses a lot of drag&drop, the window manager does not work with "tablets" or "smartphones" (iPhone, iPad, Android...). Their JavaScript support is often not advanced enough too. Use a desktop or a laptop, with a mouse or a stylus, but touch surfaces don't do it...


They are not absolutely necessary but add useful persistence for navigation (window types and positions). No user specific data are recorded, sent or used. The site is mostly stateless and no session is handled by the server. Save your work often !