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Welcome to this VSP directory.

* A little introduction to the VSP.

* The original text-only draft.

* An online VSP simulator written in JavaScript (works with Gecko/Mozilla/Firefox/... but not MSIE).
But wait ! This is not only a simulator, it is also the first proof of concept of the VSP core, a small interactive debugger, an assembler/disassembler...
And it will also be connected to other online SW as well in the future !

* Developpers only : some explanations about the many JavaScript files that make the above simulator tick.
If you want to look at them, please forgive my awful coding practices, i'm only a JS newbie...

* Everything packed together for your offline pleasure.

All these files are (C) Yann Guidon 2002-2005
Until licensing is not clear, these files are only provided for the visitor's fun.