The VSP's general opcode map

This table is automagically generated by some Javascript code, based on the definitions found in the files of the JScore directory.



A VSP opcode is an 8-bit byte, but the table contains only 128 entries. The LSB of the opcode indicates the form of the instruction : either short (16 bits) or long (32 bits with a 16-bit immediate). The instruction itself does not change (or so little) with the short/long flag, so both versions of the same instruction are covered in the same box.

Opcode aliases :

AliasFormsReal opcode

Form usage by opcode :

The instruction's "form" reflects the semantics of the instruction. It is the assembler's view of the encoding.


Flag usage by opcode :

The flags contain the informations used by the assembler to transform the semantic into an encoded binary word.